Alternative Dispute Resolution

There are a number of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options available for resolving disputes without recourse to litigation.

The most frequently used ADR options fall into two categories, those that are determinative and those that are not determinative.  Determinative forms of ADR are legally binding on the parties.  Non-determinative forms of ADR seek to reach an outcome which is acceptable to all parties.

The chief determinative dispute resolution option is commercial arbitration with expert determination sometimes used. Family law arbitration is determinative, but mediation is the more frequently used form of ADR in family law matters.

The chief non determinative dispute resolution process is mediation.

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The Australian Government and NADRAC's brochure Your Guide to Dispute Resolution.

ADR Venues

The Melbourne Commercial Arbitration and Mediation Centre hub - - provides an online central information point for arbitration and mediation facilities in Melbourne. You can access venue information and an online booking service; directories of dispute resolution specialists; resources and information about the different type of alternative dispute resolution as well as links to professional bodies.